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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                293

Very   few   have   Jewish   features,   high   foreheads
and aquiline noses.

I saw two or three pretty young women.
The men are thin and amazingly active—a labo-
rious, hardy, patient race. The dress of the
peasant men is a small blue cap, blue jacket,
white trousers, and gaiters or boots of ill-tanned
goatskin, but more often barefooted; a long pole,
with an arrow point, in his hand, and a coat
hanging over it. The women delight in gaudy
colours, but all wear the blue bonnet, a white
handkerchief over their heads, chin, and neck;
a short blue cloak, and bodice laced loose before.
The town women wear men's round hats, and
cloaks down to the ground.

The roads up from the city are paved with
sharp, slippery stones, which are more painful to
descend than to mount. People use small horses,
which go up and down in a canter, with a pea-
sant behind, who carries the traveller's pormanteau
on his shoulder, beating them on.

Mr. Murdoch resides at an elegant villa a
Vitalienne, up the mountain, where, at great ex-
pense, he has laid out a beautiful garden, not only
of the best productions of the island, but also of
trees brought from all parts of the world, which
all thrive there. Magnolias, as large as the oaks